With a dedicated and specialized team in cybersecurity, the TGlobal DDoS Mitigation solution is offered in three different formats. They are:

Using advanced techniques, we absorb within our network any attack directed at the client’s network, with a White Label dashboard that can be offered to your customers.

We apply all our expertise in DDoS attack mitigation to create your own attack mitigation, without relying on cloud or third-party infrastructure.


We combine our technical expertise with our backbone capacity to create the best of both worlds, drastically reducing all side effects during attacks.


Solution Features

24×7 proactive monitoring: our team of experts continuously monitors your network, identifying and responding to potential DDoS attacks in real-time. This enables us to take immediate action to ensure the security and continuity of your services.

Native burstable link at 95th percentile: with the ability to handle traffic spikes on your internet link, our solution allows your network to maintain connectivity even during intense DDoS attacks.

Low latency during attack scenarios: we prioritize latency reduction, ensuring that your network remains agile and responsive even during attacks. This helps minimize the negative impact on your services and user experience.

12TB/s mitigation capacity: our DDoS protection infrastructure has an impressive capacity of 12 terabits per second, enabling us to handle large-scale attacks and provide robust defense for your network.