IP Transit

Present in key locations across Latin America and the USA, TGlobal’s IP Transit service provides extensive international coverage with excellent connectivity in the countries we operate. Our main feature is the direct connection with Tier 1 Carriers and the best latency in the Americas.

Solution Features

Global Connectivity: we offer global connectivity through IXPs (Internet Exchange Points) and Tier 1 carrier networks, ensuring high-quality network performance for your business.

High Performance: our IP Transit service ensures high capacity, low latency, and efficient global data delivery.

Flexibility and Scalability: we offer custom plans for companies of all sizes, allowing easy scalability of bandwidth as your business grows.

Security and Resilience: we offer IP Transit with DDoS protection and other threat mitigation, ensuring the security of your network. Our network ensures high availability with redundant routes to avoid interruptions.


Technical Support: our 24/7 support ensures quick response and efficient troubleshooting.